From stress to calm

We’ve all been there…. Your heart pounds, your breathing quickens, muscles tense and you start to sweat. The fight or flight response is part of being human.

Usually, when a threat or a difficult situation passes, these physical effects fade. However, if you’re constantly stressed – perhaps at work or with personal issues – your body can stay in a state of high alert and longer term symptoms can develop, emotionally, mentally or physically.

There are loads of handy tips available to combat stress ranging from calming breathing exercises to time-management techniques. Regular exercise, healthy eating and plentiful sleep are all key ingredients for a less stressful existence.

Studies have found that mindfulness – living in the now – can help reduce stress and improve mood. In the hectic bustle of modern life, none of us are very good at slowing down, at “being” rather than “doing.”

Focussing on little things can really help. Light a Ubiety candle and smell the heavenly cedarwood, sage and ylang ylang scent as you inhale slowly and deeply.

Spray some Ubiety Birch Water & Neroli Cooling Facial Mist on your face as you focus your mind on slowing down your breathing.

Ubiety’s Lemongrass & Cedarwood Soothing Hand Lotion or the Frankincense & Lavender Calming Body Salve can be used gently to massage hands, feet and body and slowly unwind from the symptoms of stress.

It’s the little things in life - the small, sensuous pleasures – that can really help bring about a state of relaxation and calm.


Photo by Bill Gierke on Unsplash

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