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Thank you to our Guest Blogger this week - The Blond Blog, otherwise known as Zoe!

When I was approached by Ubiety to work together on a collaboration my first thought was – what does that actually mean? It’s not a word I’ve heard of before but after a quick search on the findubiety.com website I learnt that it means to be grounded in the moment – in one definite space.

I definitely need a little of that with my well-being at the moment with my seemingly never ending to-do lists! Ubiety is a recently launched beauty range, founded by a small team based in the South West. Not only are all of the products vegan, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly but all their profits go to charity.

Dorothy House

Ubiety is working to support Dorothy House Hospice Care by creating an income to meet the increasing needs of a growing number of patients with life-limiting illness, their families and carers. Dorothy House colleagues and volunteers wanted to help raise money and awareness for the charity and so decided to work together with local suppliers in creating a luxurious and therapeutic range of skincare products that developed into Ubiety.

Ubiety’s products are all created using the power of natural ingredients with the aim to soothe and relax the body and soul. Fragrances such as cedarwood, sage and ylang ylang (found in the natural scented candle) have been carefully selected not only for their relaxing properties but also to show the brand’s inspiration of the natural landscape.

I was very kindly sent the natural candle, a frankincense & lavender calming body salve, a birch water & neroli facial mist, lemongrass & cedarwood soothing hand lotion, clementine & spearmint uplifting handwash and red mandarin & lavender lip balm.

Each of these products is not only 100% vegan but is also sustainably made and has a clear and unique fragrance to help inspire moments of mindfulness and calm. Not only does the packaging look beautiful (I’m in love with the minimal black and white styling and medicine-style brown bottles) but you also know that whilst indulging in your own little piece of self-care, you’re also contributing to the wellbeing of others through Dorothy House.

Find Ubiety

With Ubiety you not only have a luxurious, beautifully styled and individual brand that is safe to the environment but you truly feel as though when you’re using their products you’re also giving back to the community. Isn’t that the sort of wellbeing that we all need a little dose of lately?

You can find the whole range of products, along with lots more information about the development and founders of the brand over at the Ubiety website.

Will you be stocking up on Ubiety? Which product would be your first choice – I’d love for you to let me know in the comments.

The Blonde x

This is a collaborative post with the lovely folk at Ubiety but as always all opinions are my own and I only feature products or events that are fitting and in keeping with the tone and content of my blog or Instagram page.

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