Ubiety candle page

To get the best out your Ubiety products, here is some useful information

Our candles have been independently rigorously tested against BS EN standards and these tests proved that our candles provide an exceptionally clean burn.  Please do read the following to get the most out of your candle.


Burn for the correct amount of time

Having the candle lit for a minimum of 1.5- 2 hours will allow the wax to melt across the diameter of the candle, this is when the candle will have the best hot scent throw. If you burn a candle for too little time, especially the first few times it is lit, the wax may start to tunnel.

Burning a candle for more than 3 hours at a time will cause the candle to consume more wax than it can burn, a carbon deposit can form on the wick and the burn quality may become affected.

The longer the candle is left to burn, the greater the depth of the melted wax pool, which may cause the wick to become unstable and fall over. No candle should be ever be burnt for more than 4 hours.

Re-centre the wick after each burn

We do not use wick supports as they are typically made from paraffin, so the wick can sometimes migrate as the candle burns. Please re-centre the wick after each burn so that your candle burns evenly down the glass.

Trim the wicks before lighting to 3-5mm

It is important that the wick is not too long, untrimmed wicks can cause irregular burn qualities. A long wick may smoke leaving soot in the candle glass and unsightly debris will fall into the wax.

A longer wick will also mean a bigger flame which will burn the wax more quickly, potentially decreasing the overall burn time of your candle. When lighting a candle, 3-5 mm is perfect the wick length to prolong the life of your candle.