Blood, sweat and beers

It’s not all about the yoga!

Switching off or being turned on by life means different things to different people. Thank goodness.

Whilst I do partake of weekly yoga, what I am really there for is the staying supple as long as possible, less so the zen. Give me the outdoors, a view, some muddy walk with a pub as a geographical reference and I am in my zone, my lane, I’ll probably be at my most relaxed and closest to finding my Ubiety.

When you get low, I say get up high. A depth of view is pretty fast at showing you just how insignificant your own woes are in the grand scheme of things and/or how much there is to be grateful/thankful for.

Walking for me provides a conversation without words, chat without chatter and a place to rest the mind somewhere far away outside its usual patterns. Who can’t admire cloud formation, the skill at weeing fast so not to get caught, the pride in thinking you’ll never get up that hill when in fact you can conquer the world, or peeling off your mud caked clothes? Who doesn’t smile at those things?! Who are they? I detect fraud, but like I say, we are all different.

Walking helps to strip away my ideas of grandeur, makes me properly hungry, gives me pink cheeks and a thirst. Guilt free wine (and/or beer) and food makes me happy. You?

Walking; a treat for all the senses, a lung-building treat and how I like to find my Ubiety.

Guest blogger - Sarah Baker

Photo by Alexandra Mirgheș on Unsplash

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