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We’ve told you about the inspiration for our products and our strong roots in aromatherapy, our charity’s therapies team giving bespoke treatments to our patients. This blog post gets into the ‘nitty-gritty’ of it all and our co-founder Marianne will talk more about our exciting new trio currently in development.

‘I have been lucky enough to have been part of our product development since Ubiety’s conception. Working with a fragrance designer, is like revisiting my childhood of stealing various herbs and spices from my mum’s kitchen and garden and mixing up a magic potion. The difference is of course, mixing something up that is totally meaningful, efficacious and delightful smelling- instead of a murky brown concoction that irritated my father every time he kicked over its jar that I helpfully left outside on the garden path!

'Our fragrance designer is also the manufacturer of our products and he creates each fragrance using an approach which dives deeply into the meaning behind our brand, drawing on our own aromatherapist’s attitudes and expertise towards natural fragrance. Sensitive consultation with the Dorothy House in-house team means our brand really puts care and empathy into the product design.

'The efficacy of the essential oils is three fold- beautiful smelling of course, skin nurturing and mood influencing.

'The genius of the blends he creates for us is that he wouldn’t use the same fragrance with a nourishing cream as he would for a cleansing wash- the ingredients are respected for their power to actually work with the skin- it’s not just a case of saying ‘I want something that smells like lavender.’ Instead it’s about harnessing every aspect of the ingredient and its benefits mentally and physically. As someone that suffers with eczema, this means I can use a product which smells amazing knowing that it is doing good things to my skin at the same time.

'Currently we working together on what I am hoping is going to be a ‘hero’ product and with it, two also ‘practically perfect in every way’ supporting acts. Our ‘Euphoric’ top to toe wash is being formulated to provide you with a truly memorable shower experience that works in the morning and at bed-time. The formulation is sensitive skin loving for all of the family and the 500ml glass packaging will look as good as the rest of the range, something that you can proudly leave on display, working in minimal and maximal homes and everything in between!

'It really is the Mary Poppin’s of body wash I’m looking for!'

'I’m looking for a joyful fragrance that lingers with you as you either start your day, or head to a deep slumber. Quite a brief, but I know our fragrance designer can do it!

'I’ve probably been quite an annoying client to our design team, Supple Studio, for these labels, as I have been throwing things at them like ‘Bacchanalian’, being caught in a rainstorm, blossom falling through the air, wild, heady and all sorts of hard to articulate things. I know they can do it though, the marks on our packaging are there to express positive emotions and show an energy. I'm now thinking I should have said 'Mary Poppin's flying towards you on a windy day!'

'Alongside our top to toe wash we’ll be introducing a new body lotion- lighter than our salve it will have a more subtle fragrance so it won’t clash with your favourite perfume but still be a delight to apply, with all of our favourite, natural moisturisers packed in. As we have had a lot of interest from boutique hotels in our products, we are also creating a conditioner to complete the trio. We really want people to experience Ubiety as part of an immersive relaxing experience. I don’t know about you, but I tend to deep condition my hair while I am either lazing in the bath or shaving my legs, I also shave my legs using conditioner to keep them really soft, so this really product needs to be nurturing and silky smooth.

'This conditioner formulation has been created to work for finer hair, but be left on for longer thicker and drier hair too. A sophisticated fragrance means it’s a natural part of a self-indulgent bathing ritual.'

'I’m not keen on sweet smelling or coconutty, foodie conditioner fragrances, so this is also a selfish choice and filling a gap for me!

'We are still in the middle of the testing process and it’s been a while since we have launched new products- however, we don’t believe in creating products that aren’t real workhorses and which don’t reflect our standards. Each one has to ‘smell and do amazing things’. I look forward to telling you when we are ready to launch and releasing these three beauties out ‘into the wild.’

Product launch aimed for early Autumn!

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