Love your local market

Everyone loves the hustle and bustle of a traditional English market. From large, covered markets selling everything from antique jewellery and kids’ toys to small farmers’ markets aimed at foodies, there’s something for everyone.

Some of the older, bigger markets have stood the test of time and remain as popular now as they were 20, 40 or 60 years ago. In some places though, there’s been a more recent rise in the “artisan” market selling wares that are local, seasonal and hand-crafted.

Why so popular now?

Some put it down to a backlash against supermarket power and distrust in mass-produced products following “Horsegate”!

Maybe it’s also about a desire to re-connect with our communities and love what’s local. You can touch, feel, taste or smell a product at a market – none of that’s possible with an online purchase or even in some shops.

In some cases it’s about being greener too and knowing that your product hasn’t travelled miles. Perhaps it’s the human interaction as well? Stalls squashed in together and people selling with energy and passion – olive oil next to pottery next to homemade sausage rolls.

The escape from homogeneity is great. All the stalls are different. No uniform branding, every market different, every experience local and fleeting with no 24/7 opening hours or delivery.

We at Ubiety love a market……


Photo by Graphic Node on Unsplash


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