In the mood for love

A wise shaman once said that love, sex and intelligence makes the mind, body and soul invincible. Ubiety attended the brilliant ‘We Get It Together’ event last week, the first in a series of conversations all about sex and relationships and cancer and it really set us thinking.

With ‘self-care’, ‘self-love’ and ‘mindfulness’ the words on everyone’s lips, factoring in someone else and a sex life, as well as mastering your inner-yogi might just seem like too much to handle even without the big ‘C’.

How can you juggle career, children, dog and mental and physical health and get that quality time in with your loved one? Date night becomes a dreaded occasion- even if you manage the pilates, the healthy meal planning and plethora of healthy activities, you just want to slide into your slippers with ‘netflix’ and chill.’ Your posh frocks and trews get further and further into the back of the wardrobe, your game face becomes a face pack, your ‘onesie’ is a ‘twosie’ repellent.

Fortunately for us, the experts say that thoughtful self-care can actually make us better partners and partners to be. Self-understanding, instead of creating self-obsession, makes for empathy. Making space for yourself leads to quality time with others. Restoring your individuality, re-ignites your magnetism, that ‘pull’ that got you together with that special person in the first place. That ‘pull’ that will help you find and keep your ‘lobster’ (ah Friends).

The Ubiety range has been crafted with powerful ingredients that get you in the mood for self-care and cheekily, love. We use lavender to relax, sage to de-stress and the magical ylang ylang, which has long been known for its ability to create euphoria. Our grounding products take you out of the chaos and create a safe space for you to focus on your happy place (and places).

It’s also about the rituals you can use to make yourself and others feel good, indulging yourself and feeling special. Sexiness is confidence and confidence comes from feeling relaxed.  So why not light a candle to create atmosphere, use our body salve for a massage treat and set the mood with our diffuser. Whether getting ready to go out, or making a plan for an intimate night in, the devil is in the details but only leads to good things.

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