Have you Found Ubiety?

Uh-bitey? U-bee-tea? Ubbity? How do you say it? What does it mean? How can I find it, when I don’t know what it is?

Well, we felt exactly the same when we first heard it too. Then, as we kept saying it: ‘You-bya-tea’ , Ubuyaty, Ubiety, it really rolled off the tongue nicely.

It’s a grounding but sensual word and it makes you stop to think. It sums up where we want to be and where we want you to be.

Simply put, Ubiety is the condition of being in a definite place. Somewhere you feel relaxed, mindful and totally comfortable. Like a favourite spot in a patch of sun on the sofa, curled up with a book, a cup of tea in your hand. Content. Away from the hecticness of daily life, away from ubiquity and the humdrum.  A moment unique to you. ‘Your happy place.’

Time spent looking after you is precious, sometimes hard to find. We believe those moments should be indulgent and luxurious. Even those little moments of peace by the kitchen sink, on the commute, or even the school run. Our products are designed to provoke your senses into helping you achieve the relaxation that you need to get there.

Our uplifting hand wash and soothing hand lotion

So when you stop and wash your hands with our energising Clementine and Spearmint hand wash, inhale the fragrance and let it carry you to your Ubiety. That space or place, which grounds you and lets you prepare for what lays ahead, challenges and adventures. Smooth on our silky Lemongrass and Cedarwood Hand Lotion and soothe your hands, healing your mind at the same time. If you are feeling hot and bothered or out of control, our Birchwater and  Neroli Facial Mist will cool you and refresh, restoring equilibrium.

Ubiety is a gift of love, to yourself and to others. At the end of a busy day, why not use our rich Frankincense and Lavender body salve to massage your own, or your loved ones weary hands and feet – the powerful essential oils preparing you for a good night’s sleep. Keep your lips soft and smiling with our Red Mandarin and Lavender lip balm, defending against the elements, the zesty fragrance an instant ‘pick me up.’

Then, when at home extend your moments into something truly special. Light our Cedarwood, Sage and Ylang Ylang Candle and feel your cares evaporating as its soothing fragrance fills the air.

Run a bath, invite your nearest and dearest over, slide onto the sofa and snooze, whatever takes you to your unique ‘happy place.’ Your Ubiety.


Hi Alison, thank you for your kind words. We’ll work on getting the ingredients up online ASAP. In the meantime, happy to pop you over an email.


The Ubiety Team February 12, 2019


What a great idea this is. I live locally and would to live to buy some Ubiety. It would be great to know the actual ingredients of each product. I could not find this information. Please could you help with this?
Many thanks

Alison Boswell February 12, 2019

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