Embrace the Chill

In the depths of winter it feels like we should hunker down, curl up like a dormouse and sleep away the chilly hours. The leaves fall, the trees are stark and the temptation is to join the silent hibernation...

Even with the promise of spring and the buds emerging on the branches, it can feel a struggle to while away the inevitable grey days.  With work, children and the Christmas come down, can you warm yourself up, mentally and physically?

With just a little effort, there are some simple ways we can re-invigorate ourselves, increase our energy levels and enjoy the season, even when it seems dull and cold.


When it’s all a bit 'brrrr', we all reach for the comfort food – the starchy, fatty, sugary items that fill us up and make us warm. They also make us sleepy though and too much sugar can give us a rush of energy that wears off quickly, leaving us slumped and lethargic.

Let’s reach for the fruit and veg to re-energise.  Seasonal root vegetables such as carrots, parsnips and swede make for great soups, stews and casseroles and can be just as comforting to feast on. You can also cheat and get your carrots in the occasional sneaky slice of cake!

Winter sunlightSunlight

With shorter days in the winter and early spring, our sleep and waking cycles can become disrupted and a lack of sunlight means the brain produces more of a sleepy-making hormone called melatonin. 

Try to get as much sunlight into your day as you can.  Open up the blinds and curtains as soon as possible, take a brief lunchtime walk and make sure your work and home environments are light and airy. Make sure that after 9 pm you aren't exposed to any daylight bulbs, or white light- lighting a few candles and having some low level table lamps is a lovely way to feel warm and cosy, while also allowing your brain and body to slowly switch off.


Generally we all need more sleep and getting enough interrupted sleep is particularly important to combat winter lethargy.

Rather than snoozing which might make you feel sluggish, aim for about eight hours sleep a night, trying to go to bed and get up at the same time every day. 

A nice, cool room, free of clutter and screens should help you get the energising sleep you need.

Winter exercise


When it’s cold, raining and windy, exercise may be the last thing we feel like doing.  Energy begets energy though and you’ll be amazed at how a brisk walk, a run or a swim will help reduce early-evening tiredness and improve your sleep.


Everything feels worse in the dark. Stress can creep up on us in the winter months and contribute to feelings of tiredness and melancholy.

There’s no silver bullet to winter tiredness or blues and everyone needs to find their own salve.  Relaxation techniques can help though such as meditation, yoga or breathing exercises and the Ubiety range can help to enhance your relaxation rituals. 

Using Ubiety in your daily routine:

Body Care

When you wake up, luxuriate in Ubiety’s hand wash and hand lotion, re-energizing yourselves for another winter’s day.

  • Carry the Ubiety facial mist in your handbag, to use as a pick me up throughout the day.
  • Soothe those chapped windswept lips with the Ubiety lipbalm.
  • Wind down at the end of the day by using Ubiety’s calming body salve.

Home Fragrance

  • Light the Ubiety candle and focus your mind as you practice your breathing exercise

Guest blogger: Louise Madel


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