Black and White Friday- the Antidote to seasonal chaos

The team at Ubiety HQ are in all honesty, a group of plate spinning, multi-tasking, whirlwind, mad women. With so much going on in our own lives, it made sense to us to ‘distil’ the best of our charity’s holistic care practices and share them with the world!


We have always had major envy of the therapies team on the floor below, they don’t walk, they float- we wanted some of that! We created products that we could use ourselves when we needed to feel grounded, hoping this need for better wellbeing would resonate with many people.

Ubiety was created as ‘an antidote to modern chaos.’ Our aromatherapy secret weapon against the stresses of the daily grind that we could share with others. A way to keep the pressure off with beautiful fragrances and indulgent body care. When we commissioned the design and formulated the products, we wanted the very essence of Ubiety to reflect our own aspirations for peace, mindfulness and escape.

It’s no coincidence that our packaging is black and white.  As well as the Ubiety name reflecting the moment of calm in the energy of our playful patterns, the black and white is a nod to the Chinese concept of ‘Yin and Yang.’ This principle is that all things exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites, for example, female-male, dark-light and old-young.  Born from chaos, yin and yang represent the opportunity for balance.

Well, there is no doubt that Ubiety was born from chaos but a recognition that we needed to stop striving to be ‘good’ and ‘perfect’ but instead, to recognise our complexity and accept who we are.

That feeling good, is not the same as ‘being good.’  That being balanced is admitting imperfection and contradiction- that failing can make us better people and that admitting we need help, helps others to ask for it too!

This is why we are so delighted to offer Elli Johnson’s book, ‘How not to be good’ as prize in our ‘Black and White Friday competition, alongside a set of our indulgent and natural ‘Uplifting’, ‘Balancing’ and ‘Calming’ candles. After being diagnosed with post-natal depression and general anxiety disorder Elli was brave enough to write a frank account of her struggles, challenging the myth of ‘having it all’ and questioning our desire to be ‘good’ and confronting our expectations.

By bearing her soul, Elli has allowed others to understand that their struggle is more common than they think and it’s possible to come out the other side. 

We highly recommend reading the book in the bath, or in a cosy corner and lighting the candle most suited to your needs at the time! We guarantee that this read, will be a healing experience!

So as you approach this season, with its many pressures to ‘have a good time’ ‘be a family’ ‘provide the best’ let’s try and reject the manic Black Friday mentality of ‘buying happiness’ and instead embrace ‘Black and White Friday.’ The perfect gift isn’t one you can buy in a sale- instead, why not give the gift of time with a loved one, give last year’s unwanted gifts to charity, give yourself some self-care and for crying out loud, give yourself a well-earned break. Don’t be surprised if your moments of calm in the chaos are few but make sure that you treasure them when they occur. And if you have a bicker with your family on Christmas day, forgive yourself!

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Photo credit @ElliJohnsonUK

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