‘Action, Beauty, Collaboration’ – the Ubiety and Always Sunday ‘ABCs’

In these crazy times, when cynical advertisers will take every opportunity to raid our value systems for sales opportunities, the most refreshing approach, is the honest approach.  

At Ubiety, we just wanted to make products that feel and do good.

Our products aren’t going to make you look glamourous or become more popular, they won’t pretend to empower you and give you status. Instead, the products themselves are beautifully packaged, their ingredients will make you feel and smell gorgeous and the profits they make for our charity are used to empower, patients, family members and carers.

For us to achieve success with this honest approach we needed to work with like-minded creatives and entrepreneurs who believe in it as much as us. This week, we focus on and say ‘thank you’ to ‘Always Sunday’ who re-launch on the 27th November.  

 ‘A is for Action’

One of the greatest joys of launching Ubiety was the opportunity it gave the team to ‘take action’ and reach out to creatives and producers with similar ethics and approaches, who just ‘got it’.  A perfect example is the team at ‘Always Sunday’ one of our very first retailers. Always Sunday provided the incredible venue for our local launch party and who also styled our national launch at Graham and Green in Bayswater, London.

Lexi, founder, loves finding emerging artists and collaborators and a force of nature herself, challenging others to channel their artistic energy for the benefit of creative growth and charitable causes.

‘B is for Beauty.’

Lexi has an eye for this most honest kind of beauty, the kind that emerges from giving relationships- whether beauty in food, architecture, Art, interiors and the outdoors.

The Always Sunday principle is to recognise the importance of bringing beauty into the everyday, sharing the opportunity to do this wherever possible.

This means in practice, events celebrating food, nature and wellbeing, whether through supper clubs, workshops or yoga classes and winningly curated products in the Always Sunday store  

‘C is for Collaboration’

It also means donating your time and talents to charity and introducing your collaborators to your network, so that the beauty spreads and the benefits extend into the community.

This Christmas, the Ubiety will yet again benefit from the collaborative efforts of Always Sunday. Prepare for natural opulence as Lexi and Nicole from Blomme style our Bath Christmas Hut to the max, with gorgeous natural foliage. ‘Dot the I’ an Always Sunday artist connection is creating elegant calligraphy for our signage, providing the perfect finishing touch- this all generously donated, despite it being the same week as their re-launch!

It’s clear to us that with collaborators and supporters as giving as Always Sunday, that Ubiety will continue to successfully raise the profile of hospice work locally and nationally and generate more income for our charity.

Please visit their beautifully appointed store on 144 Walcot st, Bath, from 27 November and enjoy Ubiety, amongst other amazing, ethical and charitable brands!

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