'The Sound Bath was the perfect balance between feeling guided and feeling free. We felt so comfortable and welcome in the space and like we were entering a different world! The massage was incredibly relaxing and a perfect way to end the afternoon. There’s a generally very warm and giving atmosphere in Soul Spa - it’s not just somewhere you pop for a massage, it’s a whole experience. Also it’s so good knowing you’re helping such an amazing charity. 


We are pleased to let you know that we have partnered with holistic therapies practice The Soul Spa in Bath. On your next visit to our beautiful home city, you can now experience Ubiety in an immersive spa treatment, using a truly holistic and sensory based approach which is uniquely ‘The Soul Spa.' 

A vegan holistic aromatherapy massage combined with sensory elements. Ubiety is being grounded in a definite place, but what grounds us, can be unique. A consultation will identify  your aspiration for the treatment, with the therapist understanding your spiritual and physical needs. Choose your mood based essential oil blend and the sounds you relax to.

After your massage, you can attend the Soul Spa’s incredible Sound Bath where practitioners  use Tibetan Singing Bowls to free you from the last of your negative emotions and send you away, walking on air! 

You will receive a free Ubiety Birchwater and Neroli Facial Mist with your  treatment and a pure silk face mask , so you can take that 'aaah' feeling home with you.

To book, please follow this link to The Soul Spa.