Ways to keep in bloom this spring

Spring is synonymous with flowers blooming, chicks hatching and the chirping of bird song. As the colour of the leaves change and nature prepares for new beginnings, our mood is revitalised and we welcome back the pep in our step!

From tending to the early signs of spring in the garden by removing any signs of winter’s unsightly woes, to focusing on wellness, growth, and goals - spring is the perfect time for a reset.

Find Ubiety is all about being grounded in your definitive space; somewhere physically or metaphorically which makes your heart sing and the world stop for all the right reasons. 

Here are just a few ways that Find Ubiety can help you nurture your environment, mind, and body this spring to find your happy place:

  1. Declutter and donate! It’s time to say goodbye to the items which no longer float your boat. Spring cleans are the perfect opportunity for creating a space that you love. From making room in your wardrobe to sprucing up your furniture, ‘tidy space, tidy mind’ is a great mantra for keeping your sanctuaries looking tickety-boo!

    If a spring capsule wardrobe is the ‘newness’ you were searching for, you can pick up lots of beautiful pre-loved clothing pieces in our lifestyle store on London Road in Bath. Whether you’re looking for summer dresses and dungarees or bomber jackets and ballgowns, there’s a variety of unique finds for both men and women. We also accept high-quality donations. We love your pre-loved goodies!
  1. Swap screen time for ‘me time’. Treat yourself to an at-home spa evening with our Euphoric hair and body range. Their mood boosting formulas will keep you feeling revitalised. Clary Sage and Ylang Ylang essential oil elevates your mood while our nourishing aloe and coconut oil-based formulation conditions to release your hair’s natural, beautiful, energy.

    It doesn’t stop there… our blissful May Chang and energising Lemon Myrtle formula is inspired to lift your senses, while our glycerin rich, natural formula cleanses and nourishes the skin. Perfect for joyful mornings and evening bathing rituals! What’s not to love?
  1. Nature is calling! When the April showers are scarce, you’ll find a variety of walking routes for all ages and abilities around your local area to explore. Fresh air, nature, and spending time with those you love is the best medicine.

    Don’t forget to pack our cooling facial mist - it’s the perfect antidote for combatting the stickier spring sunshine. Formulated to cool and calm the skin, it’s packed with natural ingredients and essential oils, including frankincense and lemongrass, to encourage relaxation and mindfulness. All the goodness, bottled!

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