Be Your Own Valentine

Little Ways to Love Yourself – Seven Simple Self-Care Tips


Over the last few years, Valentine’s Day has become less about romance and more about practicing self-love. Embracing who you are, learning to love yourself, taking time out, and quite simply, putting yourself first. However, magazines, influencers and every other platform pushing the self-care message often talk about fancy, over the top ways to go about it, which, let’s face it, not all of us have the time or energy for. Thankfully, there are still plenty of smaller self-care habits that you can adopt that will help you on your way. Here’s a few of my favourites…


Create a mood-boosting playlist


I have a playlist for everything. Admittedly, it’s 90% Taylor Swift, but at the end of the day, it’s all about what makes you happy. Whether it’s a collection of songs from different genres, or a selection from your favourite artist, there are no rules – just pick songs that uplift your mood and make you feel good.


Let go of perfection


Social media is full of celebrities and influencers constantly feeding us with the idea of perfection, and it can be soul-destroying, particularly if you’re not feeling great about yourself in the first place. That’s why it’s so important to remember that what we see on social media isn’t always the real deal. It’s easier said than done, but even if you can believe it just a fraction of the time, it makes a world of difference.




It’s one of the simplest things, but laughter has a whole array of benefits when it comes to emotional wellbeing, from stress relief to simply providing a distraction from negative emotions. It’s also free, so it’s one of the best ways to inject a little extra positivity into your day. Of course, what makes us laugh differs from person to person, so it’s all about finding your thing. For me, it’s cat videos and comedy sketches.


Celebrate the small wins


How often do we downplay our achievements? Personally, I do it a lot. It may be because you don’t see it as a big enough win, or in my case, you just inadvertently like to make life difficult for yourself. However, in my goal of adopting more self-care habits, I’m working on changing that. Whether it’s ticking-off that thing that’s been on your to-do list for weeks, getting your housework done, or finishing that book you’ve been reading - even the smallest wins are still wins.


Get moving


Physical self-care is just as crucial as emotional. I’m not suggesting you fully commit yourself to a gym membership or an expensive personal training programme (unless you want to, of course!), but just a bit of gentle exercise can work wonders and help to build up your self-confidence. Whether that’s just going for a short walk on your lunch break or dancing like no one’s watching (remember that mood-boosting playlist?), get those endorphins going and that blood pumping!


Say ‘no’ more often


The night out you’re not feeling up to. The task at work you really don’t have time for. We all say yes to things we shouldn’t. While we may not want to come across as difficult or negative, the word ‘no’ can be an excellent tool for practicing self-love, setting boundaries and putting yourself first. Don’t feel as though you must make up an excuse, either. Often, people will appreciate your honesty!


Treat yourself


If you’re stuck for self-care ideas, going back to basics is always a fail-safe option. Plus, who doesn’t love a little self-indulgence? Our Frankincense and Lavender Calming Body Salve is perfect for a spot of pampering, as it’s packed with nourishing ingredients for smooth, supple skin, and its dreamy fragrance is designed to promote calm. What’s even better, is that this February, you can share the love with a friend with our ‘Couple-Up’ offer of two Body Salves for £25. Then of course, you’re sharing the love even further, as 100% of the profits from all Ubiety products support the vital work of Dorothy House Hospice Care. What’s not to love?

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