Less haste, more speed- why Mondays should be slow for better creative flow

Today's blog post is the start of something a bit different. As fun as it is to think about our own challenges and then use the Ubiety platform to explore solutions as a form of free self-therapy, it seemed like a promising idea to get you to ask us questions. 

While not claiming to be experts in anything, we are infinitely curious and also enthusiastic. We also know what it is to fall on our arses and get egg on our face. We like to think we use our failures to build our successes.  So you can call us Ubi-Aunty- behind our backs, whatever you like.

Equally curious and  far more enthusiastic is our brand ambassador, Sarah Baker @sarahfrombath. She starts the ball rolling with the question: 'Do slow Mondays really help with the start of week, or does it actually mean you're behind before you start?

'So are 'Slow Mondays' a thing now? Other slow things that are great include: 'Slow Fashion, the 'Slow Food movement', Slow Club...Slow Worms... Okay, not a compelling argument but ‘Manic’ and  ‘Blue’ and ‘Black’ put before a day of the week are just terrible! 

'Less haste, more speed' is a phrase repeated to me often. Last week when I was getting off the bus I got up to press the bell and quickly sat down again. The result of this decision meant that I actually landed on my bottom on the floor, as the seat was the folding kind. This is a good example of why slowing down is beneficial. Though the reward from this hasty accident was the sympathy of a kind granny type. 

So why did the tortoise win the race when tortoises are slow? Was it because he made sure he had everything he/she needed in his/her shell/capacious tote bag before starting the race?

'Is the shell a metaphor for good planning? Slow and steady wins the race if your planning makes you more efficient. The hare was just too hasty. 
The tortoise type though, ugh. The type of person who gets up on a Monday morning, makes a good cup of tea/coffee and enjoys it having planned their clothes and breakfast the the night before. They sit and think about their emotional and physical needs and write lists and pack their bag and diary accordingly. They carry a bottle of water (thus not becoming dehydrated) and don’t eat massive lunches and feel sleepy in the afternoon.

'Where is poor hare going wrong? Hare is me. Hare doesn't carry water, or an umbrella and falls over because she doesn't get her boots re-heeled frequently enough. Hare drinks too much coffee (which always gets cold) and has so far left three journals on public transport. Hare gets things done at great speed but makes lots of mistakes on the way.  Hare is useless after 2pm because she’s made up for a crap breakfast by eating a huge plate of stew for lunch.

'So should hare be more tortoise? Tortoise does seem like a smug sort of reptile and far too worthy- tortoise is probably secretly having a nervous breakdown and is addicted to reading motivational quotes. Tortoise probably wears ugly trainers on the commute and puts their nice shoes on when they arrive at work.

'Okay, so this hare is a little bit bitter. Realistically, one day out of seven being slow doesn't seem too bad. If it means becoming a little bit more mindful and a lot less stressed! Poor planning means this blog post is being written on a bus, on an iPhone with a cracked screen, being charged by a cable that only works if it is pinched in half and held at all times. 

'Poor planning in fact, means that today’s tasks have become tomorrow’s! Creative juices get stifled as the admin takes up too much time. I’ll finish this just before I arrive home and then straight into feeding the baby and bedtime. First opportunity to relax at 8pm. 
Benjamin Franklin (one of quote addicted Tortoise’s favourites) said, ‘fail to plan and plan to fail.’

Giving yourself the time and space to understand what the week ahead might bring is a healthier approach.

'You can’t plan for all eventualities but structure to the week with space given for your mental and physical health is a goal to strive for. When charging along through the week, there isn’t time for re-energising creative flow but instead, things may get broken on the way. 

'So Sarah, thank you for asking this question as you have reminded me to slow down, restart good planning habits and find space for the things I love.
Long live Slow Mondays! 
Now how about Thoughtful Tuesdays when you get behind? 







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