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Thanks to this week's guest blogger, Jess Mariner, or a Brunette Edit. She understands how worry seeps into our lives and can become anxiety. A little time spent practising mindfulness with some aromatherapy thrown in, is a great weapon in your armoury to prevent it taking over your life...

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'During a transitional period of our life my daughter would often say to me her ‘tummy felt funny’. Having initially dismissed it as a childhood niggle, I realised she would express this feeling during times of change and together we worked out that what she was actually experiencing was ‘worry’.

I think a lot of us dismiss a ‘worry feeling’ in our own lives as part and parcel of everyday hectic living but what I’ve realised over the past few years is that, for me, worrying is a precursor to anxiety.

'And that feeling of anxiety manifests in lots of different ways, absentness; low productivity, stress, and disengagement. All self-preservation methods to safeguard precious energy, but without recognition of the cause of these feelings they can escalate into larger problems.

 'And so, over the last year or so I have begun to seek out ways to feel more present and grounded at times when life around me feels out of control. The relentlessness of school runs, juggling children, keeping a home running, as well as bigger life events such as illness, moving house – these are all perfectly valid causes of feeling pulled in every direction and wanting to shout ‘time out’.

'When I stumbled across Ubiety I was instantly intrigued by the meaning of the brand name, ‘the condition of being in a definite place’. When was the last time you felt truly present and grounded in the moment?

For me, starting to build in moments of ubiety to my life involves consciously carving out little moments of time to allow my mind to unconsciously stop, refocus and ‘just be’ and the most useful tool to facilitate this for me is through beauty and using products that promote mindfulness and feelings of calm.

 'The Ubiety brand was created through a desire to create products that do just that, incorporating scents to uplift or destress and formulas to soothe body and mind, every step of the process has been considered and purposeful with the end result being a holistic edit of products that are founded on a passion for caring and giving. And that caring approach is echoed throughout, with sustainable and vegan friendly ingredients, natural fragrances and simple but chic glass packaging.

'I’ve had the body salve sat on my desk at work over the past few weeks and every time I’ve used it as a hand cream the heady lavender aroma has reminded my mind to take a few seconds to stop and press pause on that email that really can wait a few seconds before sending. Its properties as a really decent hand cream can’t go ignored either – with the onset of winter and a tendency towards dry skin, the hydrating but non greasy formula is working wonders on my weathered hands!

Frankincense and Lavender Body Salve

The cooling face mist has also earnt its place in my skincare line up. Being blessed with a dodgy internal thermostat thanks to a malfunctioning thyroid, I am prone to extreme hot flushes at the most inconvenient of times. The inclusion of methyl lactate has a natural cooling effect and lemongrass and angelica extracts encourage relaxation when spritzed during times when I am having a literal ‘melt down’.

What makes this brand’s uniqueness is that of its 360 degree approach to giving back, with 100% of the profits from sales going back to funding palliative hospice care at Dorothy House Hospice in Bath and surrounding areas. 

The products, which include home scent, body and skincare have all been created in conjunction with local South West businesses and partners who embody the same values and principles as Ubiety’s founders and collaboratively they have given their time and money to make a vision into reality. 

'I’ve seen first-hand the grounding power of complementary therapies in people with life limiting illness during my 12 years as a social worker. The power of a hand massage using reminiscence scents such as lavender with someone experiencing dementia can forge meaningful connections in an otherwise lonely environment, as can a lip balm which helps sore, chapped lips feel more comfortable allow a person at the end of their life to feel dignity and humanity. Lighting a candle which scents a room with cedarwood and sage can help your mind escape from reality for a few blissful moments. The transformative power of beauty at any stage of life can never be underestimated.

This Christmas to give a gift of an Ubiety product is to not only share the gorgeous products and aromatherapy benefits with a loved one, but also to know that your money has gone directly back into funding essential end of life care to someone else’s loved one.'


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