How to beat a cold - Guest Blogger Jo Muir

Even the fittest among us succumb to bugs and colds- what does local girl, GB Pentathlete and Dorothy House Ambassador Jo Muir do, when the dreaded lurgy hits? Read on to find out more...

'Do you spend all winter trying to hide away from nasty bugs and the flu? And then it somehow makes its way to you when you have the busiest week and the most to do. 

'Yup, I feel you, it’s always that way'

'I’m having one of those weeks. After being due to fly out to Paris, I’ve spent the last five days curled up on the sofa watching trash tv and drinking gallons of lemon tea. 

 'In my flu like state I’ve been trying anything and everything I can to feel human again, so I’ve decided to make a guide to beating that winter cold which will hopefully help you to feel a hundred times better in a few simple steps. Here you go!' 

 '1. Get plenty of sleep. Let’s face it, you probably haven’t given your body a complete rest in a very long time. In the hustle and bustle of life, it’s sometimes hard to completely switch off and allow yourself time to chill out. Now you’ve come down with this horrible cold your body is literally telling you to stop, relax and unwind. There’s absolutely no need to feel guilty about lying on the sofa all day and in fact, the more rest you can get, the more energy your saving for your body to beat this thing. So, put your feet up, pour yourself a cuppa and find a good box set to keep you going for a couple days. 

Credit to: Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

'2. Eat lots of good food. This is your fuel to help fight this bug so make sure you’re putting the right kinds of food in your body. Lots of different coloured vegetables and fruit, particularly berries which are full of antioxidants, will be a massive help. It’s important to keep up your carbohydrates even if you’re not doing much. These types of food are a vital fuel so why not make some healthy winter salads with quinoa or rice. Your body is trying to repair the damaged cells, so don’t forget protein to help kick start this process. And once you’ve given your body all this goodness, don’t feel bad if you fancy a little treat.

'I read somewhere recently that chocolate can actually help suppress a cough, so I’ll certainly bear that in mind! ' 

 '3. Finally, while your body might be feeling rubbish, it’s important not to neglect the little things that can make all the difference to how you feel. Self-care should always be a priority but often gets shoved aside in madness of real life.

'Only when you’re knocked down by a cold that you realise you absolutely can fill your time looking after YOU'

'Fill that hot bath and light some candles. Lather on the most luxurious body salve and let it work away at your senses. Paint your fingernails and rub on soothing hand lotion. Give yourself that long overdue facial and spritz your face with a cooling face mist. I guarantee these small things will all make a huge difference in making you feel a hundred dollars again. 

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Photo credits: Lisa Moyneur (Unsplash), Daiga Ellaby (Unsplash), @EmmaHughesPhotos 

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So true….once the bugs have hit its actually worth stopping and refuelling/recharging and relaxing. Great tips Jo.

Fiona Crisp March 05, 2019

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