Growing Ubiety- Feed us with feedback!

Ubiety is a brand launched by Dorothy House Hospice Care, a charity who has been providing outstanding end of life care for over forty years.

It wasn't difficult for us to work out what we wanted 'to be' and what we needed 'to mean'. We had so much to be inspired by. It felt simple for us to harnass the power and experience of our incredible aromatherapists- our manufacturer is an alchemist, we just had to listen and learn.

Their essence, their experience, is 'outstanding', it's holistic healthcare in a bottle. Our partnerships with our commerical founders have worked well to launch us into the unknown, we've packaging that has won awards, we have their passion in every drop.

Our challenge, is how we get a little start up brand, with a little budget to match, out into the marketplace and continue to grow in these strange times.

We create products to promote equilibrium and wellbeing, while walking a tight-rope to ensure that we achieve best value in all the decisions and investments we make. We are responsible, ethical and sustainability is a must. 

That's why we need you!  We have a loyal group of customers, retailers and friends who have been vocal about us and shared our best bits.

Can you go one step further? Will you review our products for us on our website, will you post about us on all your social media accounts? Will you tell your friends and family that by indulging in Ubiety, they provide support to their community, sending a message about the importance of healthcare charities? When next in your favourite boutique, will you ask them if they have heard of Ubiety?

Will you tell us your stories? We want to hear about why you love Ubiety but also what it means to you, how your support us, because you support our charity too, our purpose.

Where do you put Ubiety, how do you use it? What does it look like in your homes? How does it make you feel?

We know you are out there, doing your bit, enjoying the products, but we want to know how? Contact us, tell us about your experiences, tell us what we are doing right, tell us what we can do better.

We need you to be our brand ambassadors! 

In fundraising, it's individual efforts, massed together, that creates incredible results for charities- what can be more valuable than word of mouth, of the credibility of real people? 

If you have a story to tell, photographs to share, get in touch and email Tag us @findubiety and share our hashtag #findubiety when you see and think of anything that resonates with our products and our cause.

This is a call to action. We look forward to hearing from you! 








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