Age is just a number, be uniquely you!

Unfortunately, even when the age conundrum is explored with the best intentions, we are advised to 'age gracefully' or even given tips to appear more youthful- however, this sort of conversation can reinforce negative stereoytpes where individualism is sacrificed to an 'idea' on what is acceptable and admirable. It is true that certain age groups have been proven to demonstrate characteristics in how they shop, or use technology, for example but if you ask the question  'how old do you feel mentally?' most people who answered truthfully might say 'the same as I did when I was twenty, but my body hasn't got the memo.' 

This blog post by Isabel Parks explores looking after yourself, to preserve your individuality and bolster your resilience whatever your age. 

'A report on The Guardian reveals the ageist behavior seemingly widespread in the UK. Older people are often mocked as incompetent and burdensome, and are often disrespected by the younger sectors of society. 'Boomer' has become an offensive term to describe a particular age group negatively, 'Snowflake' the other- one generation blames another for the woes of the world all while ironically the older generation try and retain their youthful looks and the young feign wisdom. 

What it really means to age gracefully

'Ageing gracefully goes beyond simply looking younger than your age. It means finding contentment, wisdom, and pride in the life you’ve lived so far. At the end of the day, beauty is only skin deep. And you’ll find that when all is said and done, what matters is the life and joy you’ve with which you’ve filled your years.

'Really, whatever our age, we should be making sure that we are nurtured physically and mentally and fit for life's great adventure.  If you do the following, you are off to a great start!

Make time for exercise

'We’ve previously mentioned in our blog on Exercising as a Means to Find Your Ubiety that working out keeps your body strong. It also builds muscle mass, which helps counteract muscle loss due to aging. But more than just a way to stay in shape, exercise also boosts your mental health. In fact, the Mental Health Foundation recommends between 75 to 150 minutes of exercise a week to promote mental wellbeing — from light walking to heavier cardio activities like running.

'Regular workouts increase self-esteem and motivation, as well as reduce stress and anxiety. These pave the way for greater physical and psychological strength through life.

Eat Properly

There is truth in the saying you are what you eat. Now, we think wrinkles are expressive but there's no need to rush into anything remember! As such, try not to eat too much high-sodium, high-fat food. Avoid sugar too, since it’s been linked to premature ageing appearance according to an article on Harper’s Bazaar.  This is because sugar breaks down collagen and elastin — two vital proteins that keep your skin firm and supple and most importantly, protected and less delicate. Instead, aim to nourish your body with nutritious fruits and vegetables to help you maintain a glow. Of course, don’t forget to squeeze in an occasional cheat day to reward yourself.

Get plenty of sleep

'The National Health Service highlights the importance of sleep, which regulates your blood pressure, keeps you a healthy weight, and wards off all kinds of diseases. To facilitate a peaceful night's sleep, you can use aromatherapy and create a relaxing mood. Light a scented candle as you wind down for the day to get your mind ready for bed. Ubiety's signature cedar, sage and ylang ylang candles work great here! 

Feel good and look great!

'According to The British Psychological Society, body image and self-esteem are closely linked. And with the UK ranking second to last in terms of self-confidence relating to body image, it's important to consciously cultivate a positive view of your worth. When an individual understands their potential and value in their community, no matter their age, they radiate self-confidence. 

'Everyone has positive beauty rituals that can lift them up, for some of us wearing a certain colour or lipstick provides a mental 'lift,' for others, slowing applying a rich skin cream is a form of positive self indulgence. Regardless of your age, you should feel free to experiment with clothes and makeup and find your unique style. Trends know no age limit! In fact, more brands are catering to all kinds of skin types, genders, and ages. Pretty Me’s guide to lip gloss shows that something as simple as lip gloss can add more colour and luster to your face. Some of them even contain jojoba oil and vitamin E to promote moisture and softness.

'However, tips like these, creating little self-care moments, aren't a permanent fix- real self-worth comes from feeling like you are reaching your goals or are making a positive contribution to your family, or community.

'When you think about the people you really admire, you may find that their 'beauty' is actually their personality or actions.  Beauty can be a smile from a stranger and a kind word, feeling needed and useful, creating something that brings pleasure to others!

'Whether or not you wear makeup or use skincare. don't forget that as per Cosmopolitan's feature on sunscreen, you should use them regularly to protect yourself from harmful UV rays, which are responsible for 90% of skin damage and increasing risk of cancer. 

Practice mindfulness

'Mindfulness involves living in the moment, and observing the present clearly and without judgment. Doing this helps alleviate stress and declutter your brain, allowing you to feel more engaged and enlightened. And when you make mindfulness a regular habit, it can lead to a more positive outlook in life as you age. You don't even need to go on a week-long retreat in Bali to practice mindfulness. You can simply start with five-minute meditation sessions in the morning, and work your way from there.

'In conclusion ageing is a perfectly natural and even beautiful part of life- in our youth we might look to the future and what we might achieve, in our later life, we might look back to see what happened. However, what we feel about ageing could have a huge positive or negative effect on how we live- if we rush through life we miss the small details and pleasures, if we try and slow down too much, obsessing about our appearance, we might never truly develop. Let's try and keep the balance!' 

 Isabel Parks


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